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What People Are Saying

Marina Simone

Before: I thought I was doing great but I was looking to scale up and grow bigger. I had invested in a lot of mentors but nothing they taught me was converting the way I wanted it to. I couldn't figure out what was holding me back.

Working With Ray: I needed to step back and really understand my mindset around making 7 figures. Ray and Jess helped me with my mindset and vision. I needed to refocus on the customer journey to see where the tweaks needed to be made and scale up my strategy.

After: I have changed my perspective and have learned to think differently. I often ask myself what would Ray say; what would Jess say, and, “What is the impact I want to make? What can I implement on a strategic level to make that happen?” Ray has taught me to stop playing small, to push myself to always think and play bigger. As a result, I am breaking through my second month of earning over 6 figures. I have scaled to a 7 figure annual income thanks to the mentorship of Ray and Jessica.

Jeff Altgilbers

Before: I was in a success coma having been at the top of my company for several years. I built a team of over 700,000 people and was making good money. However, I had not personally sponsored anyone new for many years.

Working with Ray: Ray got me engaged in social media. I learned what to do and how to do it. I was getting 1000's of views and people of influence began watching me. All of a sudden, I found myself sponsoring incredible people.

After: I have developed a whole new leg of business as a result of being on social media and doing what Ray said to do. This leg of business has become my highest producing leg to date.

Leo and Jordanna Espinosa

Before: We built and still build our business belly to belly and have had a lot of success. When that momentum slowed way down, we wanted to learn how to build using social media. However, we were met with a lot of resistance from our company and team. We were told it is not duplicatable.

Working With Ray: Ray taught us the proper strategies for using social media, but we were a bit hesitant to implement them. Ray teaches that it is not how you acquire a lead that needs to be duplicatable, but what you do with them once they join. So we tightened up our systems for onboarding as well.

After: When the lockdown from the coronavirus hit, we were so glad we had learned all the skills on social media and created simple onboarding systems. We were completely prepared to take our business online. We have doubled our volume over the last month (our best month ever) and our company is now asking us to teach others what we have learned.


The Higdon Group equips network marketers at all levels with the knowledge necessary to achieve their highest potential, all while having fun along the journey.


Become part of a new breed of network marketers dedicated to embracing modern, relevant strategies that work to crush it in their company and help their teammates crush it.


Coaching is an investment in your business and yourself. It's been proven over and over again that individuals who invest in coaching dramatically impact their business and the speed at which they see success.


Ray and Jessica speak both individually and as a team. Each brings fresh content to every event, they interact with the audience and they deliver actionable steps that can be utilized immediately.


Lisa Grossmann

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Higdon as a colleague, a close friend and a mentor. He lives by a very simple credo – “Bring as much value to as many people as you can every day … and never stop learning so that you can increase the value that your bring”. One only has to look at his enormous body of work to realize how successfully he lives his philosophy.”

Brian Fanale

“Ray Higdon is one of the masters at teaching people how to make money, period. I’ve seen his coaching clients go from zero to multiple 6-figures / year in 30 days or less. If you’re looking to make more money, Ray can help you become financially free. All I can say is Higdon has a magic ability – everything he touches turns to gold.”

The Higdons' passion for giving back to the community and helping protect the most indefensible in our world, our children, is evidenced in the charitable causes they support. Most notably, since 2016, they have helped raise over $500,000 for March of Dimes (www.marchofdimes.org) and $100,000 for Adaptive Ops (adaptiveops.org).

Associate Executive Director Market Development

Cedrick Harris

“Ray Higdon’s Internet and network marketing training is second to none. Ray’s training will no doubt help you become a better blogger, marketer, leader, Internet marketer, and or networker.”

Vince Reed

“It’s no secret that Ray Higdon is great at a lot of things when it comes to business …”
“… But in my opinion he is in his element and at his best when he is speaking on stage. There are several things that make Ray great as a speaker. Ray never shares the same content twice, he interacts well with the audience and leaves the crowd with actionable steps they can take immediately.”

Jonathan Budd

“Ray Higdon is a man of action. His unrelenting vision & drive could climb any mountain and take at least 400,000 people with him. Probably 10x that amount. Whatever he’s teaching … truly, listen up.”

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